I'd describe myself as a People Watcher and Problem Solver. I sketch a lot.

I’m curious about why and how people do what they do. This drives me in all of my projects.

My skills

A degree in design + computer engineering with a growing interest in business helps me collaborate with non-designers. My ability to independently conduct user research enables me to keep a sharp focus on my end users needs.

My learnings

Over the past 6 years, I have been fortunate to design experiences for different users – university professors, students, sellers on an eCommerce platform, salespeople and many more. One thing that has stood out is the ability to ask questions and understand motivations. We can only design the best experience if we understand that it’s not a feature, but a solution.

My design experience

My interests

When I’m not working, I hangout at slack groups chatting about UX, go hiking or sketch at coffee shops near me.